Taiwan cops arrest Thai woman over sister's murder
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Taiwan cops arrest Thai woman over sister's murder

A 31-year-old Thai woman was reportedly murdered by her elder sister after flying to meet her boyfriend in Taiwan.

According to the United Daily News, a Taiwanese newspaper, the body of a Thai woman was found near Ta Wulun in Keelung. The victim was on a trip to meet her boyfriend in Taiwan on a tourist visa, according to the report.

Police found stab wounds on the victim's wrists and feet. Police believe she died from excessive loss of blood and the impact from falling down a slope.

According to the victim's boyfriend, who works in Taiwan, his girlfriend called on Friday evening asking for help before the call was abruptly cut off. He said he tried to call her back, but couldn't get through.

Out of concern, he filed a report with police and took two friends to look for her based on her mobile phone’s last transmitted GPS signal. The group found the body in bushes nearby.

An initial investigation found the victim and the perpetrator were sisters, although the motive remains unclear. 

Shortly before the incident, the victim's sister was seen riding the victim's bicycle to the scene. Police believe a row between the siblings may have led to the victim being stabbed and killed.

Cigarette butts discovered at the scene also matched one found in a public restroom 300 metres away. 

The suspect was detained by police and reportedly admitted her wrongdoing.

The suspect, who was identified only by the surname “Sae-lin”, has been charged with murder and concealing evidence.

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