Toxin found in 15 syrup products for children
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Toxin found in 15 syrup products for children

The Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered the recall of 15 pharmaceutical syrup products for children after they were found to contain the toxic contaminant ethylene glycol.

FDA secretary-general Dr Narong Apikulvanich said on Saturday that the FDA sent samples of pharmaceutical syrup products for children to the Department of Medical Sciences for safety tests.

It was later found that 31 series of 15 products contained unsafe levels of ethylene glycol, prompting the FDA to order an immediate recall of the products.

Dr Narong said that despite the finding, consumers should not panic because the substance would be hazardous only if 500 or more bottles of the products were consumed.

However, he recommended that consumers see a doctor if they developed such symptoms as nausea, vomiting and stomachache.

Ethylene glycol has a sweet taste but is inedible. It is normally used in the production of polyester fibre.

The recalled products are:

Carbosol Syrup

Startec Syrup

Parastar Suspension

Fatec Syrup

Cetaphen Syrup

Co-trimoxazole Mixture

Kressbufen Suspension

Domperstar Suspension

Kresstrim Suspension

Kresscolet Syrup

Kresstec Syrup

Kressbroxol Syrup

Startifen Syrup

Ibustar Suspension

Domperkress syrup

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