Veteran actress Chomchai Chatwilai dies
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Veteran actress Chomchai Chatwilai dies

Actress Chomchai
Actress Chomchai "Phi Add" Chatwilai passes away at the age of 73. (Photo: Chomchai Chatwilai's Facebook)

Veteran actress and singer Chomchai Chatwilai, known for her roles in more than 200 Thai soap operas and films, died peacefully at the age of 73.

Fellow actress and prominent designer Wipavee Charoenpura shared the news of Chomchai's death on her Facebook account on Friday, affectionately referring to her as "Phi Add" (Sister Add).

"My deepest condolences to the family of Chomchai Chatwilai. May goodness brings your soul to rest in peace. I say goodbye to Chomchai "Phi Add" Chatwilai with great love and heartfelt condolences," wrote Wipavee.

Chomchai, whose real name was Walchulee Chatwilai, entered the entertainment industry at the age of 6. She began her career as a singer of a band managed by accomplished musician and composer Chamras Wipatawat. She gained recognition after winning a singing contest on the Rak Rakphong program. Her success in music contributed to her rise in fame, eventually transitioning to acting in films and TV dramas.

With a career spanning over 60 years, Chomchai won numerous accolades, including an award for outstanding use of the Thai language and several television awards.

According to reports, the actress suffered from a chronic illness and left the entertainment industry to seek treatment.

Sumkun Tee Jai (Important to the Heart) - Chomchai Chatwilai

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