Phuket bids for 2025 InterPride
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Phuket bids for 2025 InterPride

Thailand's contender to host global LGBTQ+ event to be announced on Friday

People take part in a Pride Month activity in Phuket last month. (Photo: Achathaya Chuenniran)
People take part in a Pride Month activity in Phuket last month. (Photo: Achathaya Chuenniran)

Phuket authorities say the island province is now ready to compete for the opportunity to host the 2025 InterPride World Conference.

Governor Sophon Suwannarat led a ceremony for the Pride & Equality Phuket memorandum of understanding with representatives from the public and private sectors on the island to promote gender equality on Wednesday.

He said the agreement prioritises raising awareness about gender inclusivity, providing protection to people in the LGBTQ+ community, and reducing gender discrimination.

The province is preparing to compete against Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen for the chance to host the InterPride World Conference next year, he said.

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is scheduled to announce its decision on Friday. Thailand’s contender will then compete against other sites worldwide, with the final decision to be announced during this year’s conference in Medellin, Colombia in October.

The InterPride World Conference is an annual event lasting five days and is attended by 700 to 800 participants from 70 countries. It focuses on discussing the state of LGBTQ+ movements and exchanging experiences in achieving gender equality. The event is expected to generate up to 1.1 billion baht for the country.

Mr Sophon said provincial authorities expected the TCEB would choose Phuket as the province is ready to host gender-inclusive events.

Pride Month in June showcased the readiness of organisers, with two Pride events on June 9 and 29 as prime examples, he said.

Moreover, the events brought a significant amount of income to the island since LGBTQ+ visitors are considered quality tourists with high spending power, said Mr Sophon.

“We hope Phuket will be chosen on July 11,” said Mr Sophon.

The InterPride World Conference has been held annually since 1982. Most of the host venues have been in Europe and North America, with none in Asia so far.

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