Ramadan Peace Initiative 2013

Ramadan Peace Initiative 2013

Common Understanding

Ramadan Peace Initiative 2013

The panel of the Office of the National Security Council of Thailand with hereafter will be referred as Party A and the panel of The Barisan Revolusi Nasional with hereafter will be referred as Party B in reference to the agreed principle on the 4th JWG-PDP that was held in Kuala Lumpur on the 13th June 2013 reached a common understanding to work towards achieving a violence-free month of Ramadan 2013 in the Southern Thailand Provinces.

The joint effort is set for the period of 40 days; i.e. from 10th July 2013 until 18th August 2013 (from 1st Ramadan 1434 until 10th Syawal 1434). The areas involved in this initiative are the four (4) Southern Thailand Provinces of Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala and also five (5) areas in the province of Songkhla namely  Na Thawi, Sadao, Chana, Thepa and Saba Yoi.

During this period, Party A will continue its responsibility towards crime prevention actions and monitoring for the purpose of public security. Party A guarantees the security and prosperity of all its citizens irrespective of background, race, religion and status. Party A will refrain from any aggressive actions with regard to the security problems caused by the southern unrest.

During this period, Party B will put an effort and consideration not to create any violence including armed attack, bombing and ambush towards the security forces and the public. Party B also will put an effort not to sabotage or damage government's properties and public amenities. Party B guarantees the rights, freedom and safety of non-Muslims will always be respected, valued and protected.

During this period, Party A and Party B will work hard to ensure the 2031's Ramadan will be a violence-free month to demonstrate the sincerity, commitment and seriousness of both sides in finding solutions to the common problem through the JWG-PDP peace dialogue platform. Both sides believed that peace dialogue is the best way for a lasting and durable peace in Southern Thailand. Any party that breaches, disrupts or sabotages his Understanding will be considered as a non-peace loving side and disrespect of the aspiration and wishes of the people of Thailand.

All parties involved in this matter must try to understand, honour and abide to the principles of this Common Understanding for the purpose of achieving the common desire of the Ramadan Peace Initiative 2013.

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