HRW Thailand web page blocked

HRW Thailand web page blocked

The Thai government has blocked direct access to the Thailand page of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) website after receiving harsh criticism from the organisation.

The Human Rights Watch Thailand web page, as it appeared Thursday. The government has blocked access to the page inside the country.

Trying to directly results in a redirection to a splash screen from the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, which reads "this website has inappropriate content and has been suspended."

The block is not thorough, however. Navigating from the main home page and clicking down through the site's hierarchy allowed users, as of this writing, to still access the Thailand page. Enforcement of the block also depends on individual Internet service providers.

In recent weeks HRW have heavily criticised Thailand's military government for its crackdown on dissent.

"The fact that the [junta] feels the need to block Human Rights Watch's Thailand webpage means that we must be doing something right," said Brad Adams, HRW's Asia director.

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