Worried villagers want road cancelled

Worried villagers want road cancelled

Villagers in 11 tambons of Chiang Mai and Lamphun fear they will not get enough compensation if their land is expropriated for a new road between the two provinces, and want the project cancelled, Manager Online reported.

The  Highway Department plans a new road from Ban Mae Kha Noy in tambon Pa Daet in Muang district of Chiang Mai through Hang Dong and Saraphi district, across the Ping river at Ban Nam Sai and on to Ban San Pa Yang Nom in Muang district of Lamphun.  The total distance is 19.4 kilometres.

A private company, Team Consulting Engineering and Management, recently held a public hearing in Chiang Mai's Muang district to take opinion from villagers who might be affected by the road's  construction.  A large number of villagers turned up at the hearing.

The planned road will be built through through eight tambons in three districts of Chiang Mai and three tambons of Muang district in Lamphun.

At the hearing, the worried villagers raised many questions, trying to ascertain exactly where the road will pass through and how much compensation will be paid if their land is to be expropriated.

Neither the consultants nor representatives of the  Highway Department would answer their questions, saying they could not yet give details of the project.

The villagers left feeling very dissatisfied. They said they wanted the road project scrapped.  They were afraid that if their land was expropriated the  compensation would not be enough to buy new land and build new houses.

"We are now living in fear. If the road is built we would certainly be in trouble," one villager said.

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