Lane jumpers filmed at Meng Jai

Lane jumpers filmed at Meng Jai

Several 'undisciplined' drivers have been caught on camera trying to get ahead of other motorists by crossing into the oncoming lane to overtake them at Meng Jai intersection.

The video was uploaded by YouTube user Sath Lert on Dec 2, 2014.

According to the poster, he frequently encounters "lane jumpers" at Meng Jai intersection, near Ratchapisek Road, Bangkok.

Sath Lert wrote that he usually gave way to them, but he has had enough of these people and decided to stay on his rightful lane. (continued below video)

YouTube user Dusit Laksanakul commented that motorists should keep within the road rules, regardless of their social status. 

Another netizen who went by the name Bow King wrote, "When these drivers take advantage of others, they don't really care. But when they have been caught out, they say that we are unkind."

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