Monk slaps English teacher (videos)

Monk slaps English teacher (videos)

A foreigner who was filmed being slapped in the face by a Buddhist monk on a train last week says he is "sabai, sabai" about the incident and still loves Thailand.

The incident happened on Sunday, Dec 7, on a train travelling between Bangkok and Phitsanulok.

According to Facebook user Pui Pupriew, who witnessed the incident and posted the video clip on social media, the foreigner was asked by two women whether he could give up his seat and sit next to the monk on the opposite side. Touching women is not allowed for Buddhist monks.

The foreigner agreed and sat next to the monk who was sleeping. As the monk woke up, the foreigner asked him in English whether he can sit beside him.

"I don't understand you. What are you talking about," the monk was quoted as saying in Thai.


Facebook user Pui Pupriew wrote that the foreigner tried to explain to the monk in English and said "fine, fine" to him. However, the monk misheard him saying "fai" which means buffalo in Thai jargon.

The monk then stood up, accused the foreigner of cursing him, and slapped him in the face. The foreigner again tried to explain but the monk slapped him two more times.

A train official came to intervene and the monk walked away.

After the video clip went viral, the foreigner was later filmed by his neighbour explaining the situation.

Facebook user Noojeab Kuntao wrote that Jeff, the foreigner who was assaulted by the monk, lived in her area and worked as an English teacher.

"Jeff wants to tell everyone that he is 'sabai sabai' (meaning 'I'm fine' in Thai) and he doesn't want to take action against the monk," Noojeab Kuntao wrote.

In the video, Jeff said he held no grudge and wanted the issue to end.

"I love Thailand very much ... Many people supported me over the Internet. I appreciate it. Everything is OK," Jeff said.

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