300 homes flooded in Narathiwat

300 homes flooded in Narathiwat

Flooding in three districts of Narathiwat province was affecting more than 300 households and caused two schools to suspend classes on Wednesday.

Runoff from the Sankalakhiri mountain range, triggered by  four days of heavy rain, caused the Sungai Kolok River to overflow, inundating more than 300 households  along the river and nearby agricultural areas in Sukhirin, Waeng and Sungai Kolok districts.

Two schools, Ban Bukorta and Ban Yaho,  in Waeng district closed classes on Wednesday. The floodwater rose to 40-50cm deep in the district.

Heavy rain continued over the entire province. A bridge was cut off and impassable to vehicles between Ban Ton Turian and Wang Namyen villages in tambon Phukhaothong in Sukhirin district.

Several sections of the Tormor-Ton Turian Road in Sukhirin district were hit by landslides triggered by the rain.

Juan Mitrawong, 89, a local resident, sustained minor injuries when the wall of his house collapsed after being hit by a landslide on Tuesday night. The elderly man was sleeping when a section of the wall fell on him.

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