Chinese 'beggar' had B21,540 in bag

Chinese 'beggar' had B21,540 in bag

Local officials rounding up beggars in the centre of Chai Nat province were stunned to come across a handicapped Chinese beggar with more money in his pocket than they each earn in an entire month.

Officials arrest Chinese beggar Xu Baosong, 39, and find out he has more money than they do, in Chai Nat province on Tuesday. (Photo by Chudet Seehawong)

As part of a campaign against begging, social development and human security staff and local police went to a market on Khong Tham Road in Muang Chai Nat municipality on Tuesday, and there found 39-year-old Chinese beggar Xu Baosong, who has deformed hands.

Mr Xu is from Henan province, China, and did not speak Thai or English, and officials struggled to explain to him that begging is illegal in Thailand.

In a subsequent search, they at first found coins totalling 480 baht in his possession, but were then stunned to discover a lot of Thai bank notes in the Chinese man's shoulder bag, totalling 21,540 baht.

"This beggar was carrying more money than my whole monthly salary," said one official.

Mr Xu stayed at a hotel in the centre of Chai Nat, close to where he sat and begged. Authorities found many more coins in his room there. After questioning and charging the man, they took to local immigration police for repatriation to China.

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