Police after Ratchaprasong bomb suspect

Police after Ratchaprasong bomb suspect

Police released these pictures of a man filmed by security camereas. He is believed to be involved in the bombing at the Erawan Shrine. (Royal Thai Police photos)
Police released these pictures of a man filmed by security camereas. He is believed to be involved in the bombing at the Erawan Shrine. (Royal Thai Police photos)

Police are going after a man believed to be involved in deadly bombing at Erawan Shrine in Ratchaprasong intersection on Monday which killed 20 people and injured 125.

National police chief Somyot Pumpunmuang said on Tuesday that the image of the man in a yellow T-shirt was captured by closed circuit cameras at the Erawan Shrine before the explosion.

He was seen sitting on a bench inside the shrine compound with a backpack, and then placing the bag under the bench before leaving. He then caught a taxi motorcycle at nearby Soi Mahatlek Luang.

Pol Gen Somyot would not confirm whether the man was thought to be a Thai or a foreigner. He said an arrest warrant could be obtained for the suspect by showing the camera footage to the Criminal Court as evidence.

Police are now reviewing all surveillance camera footage from the Ratchaprasong area recorded over the last two weeks, he said.

The police chief said he did not rule out any motives, including the repatriation of 109 Uighur people to China and the move to strip the police rank from former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Thailand handed the Uigher refugees over to Chinese authorities in July amid criticism from human rights organisations. The decision sparked an attack on the Thai consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, on July 9.

On his twitter page from Berlin after the blast, Thaksin strongly condemned those behind the blast and urged authorities to quickly those involving in the bombing.

The bomb exploded shortly before 7pm on Monday, killing 20 people and injuring 125 others, with wounds ranging from very serious to minor.

The Institute of Forensic Medicine has released the name of the dead victims. The Thais were Mrs Sudchada Nisida, Mrs Pranee Seesuwa, Mrs Waraporn Changkham, Mr Yutthanarong Singror and Mr Suwan Satman.

Three Malaysians were named, Mr Neoh Jaijun, Miss Lim Saw Sek and a girl identified as Lee Jing Xuan. The two Hong Kong victims were Miss Arcadia Pang Wan Chee and Miss Vivian Chan Wingyan. A Singaporean was identified as Mrs Melisa Lim Rui Chum. The Chinese victim was Gao Yuzhu, whose gender was not given. Another victim was identified as Mr Diwo Chengi, whose nationality was not known.

There are seven more who have still not been identified. Three of them, two males and one female, were believed to be foreigners.

Of the injured, 42 were Thais, 28 Chinese, two Malaysians, one Hong Kong person, one Japanese, two Singaporeans, one Indonesian, one Philippine citizen, one Omani and one from the Maldives. The nationalities of  another 44 were not known.

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