Bomb ingredients found in apartment

Bomb ingredients found in apartment

Authorities search an apartment in Min Buri for more evidence that may be linked to the Aug 17 bombings. (Photo by Apichit Jinakul)
Authorities search an apartment in Min Buri for more evidence that may be linked to the Aug 17 bombings. (Photo by Apichit Jinakul)

Urea-based fertilizer, flash powder and other items that can be used to construct improvised explosive devices were found in a room in an apartment block being searched by police investigating the Aug 17 bombings.

The owner of the apartment in Min Buri told police who searched several rooms in the building, that room number 9106 had been rented by a Thai woman.

The search of the three-storey Maimuna Garden Home apartment on Rat-uthit road in Min Buri was carried out by a team of police and military personnel..

Pol Col Kanchol Intraram, chief of Min Buri police, said a court warrant to search the building was obtained after information was gleaned from the foreign man, arrested on Saturday at Pool Anant apartment in Nong Chok district, that some of his accomplices kept belongings there.

Found in room 9106 were urea-based fertilizer, six 12x7cm bottles of flash powder, black and blue electric wiring, four wristwatches, a table clock, a pack of bolts, decorative tree lights, an empty box for a walkie-talkie, a radio controlled toy vehicle and a rucksack containing books. Police seized all items for examination.

The apartment owner said a Thai woman known only as “Mai Sa Loh” had rented the room. Police are now trying to track her down.

Pol Col Susak Prakamakul, deputy chief of Metropolitan Police Division 3 who led the search, said the force had examined nine of the apartment block's 30 rooms.

The 21 other rooms will be searched after the lessees are contacted, he said.

A welding tool, found in another room, No 9102, was seized for examination.

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