Drunk monk had 'bombs' under belt

Drunk monk had 'bombs' under belt

NAKHON RATCHASIMA — A monk was arrested on Saturday morning for drunk driving and carrying ping-pong bombs and kratom leaves.

Police were called to Wat Burapha Pimon in tambon Nai Muang of Phimai district after residents said they had seen a monk, who appeared to be drunk and yelling loudly, driving a pickup truck in and out of the temple compound several times, Matichon Online reported.

When police arrived they found a Mitsubishi pickup parked under a tree at the temple and a monk sitting on the ground nearby. The monk, identified later as Phra Siri Chobka, 45, appeared drunk and yelled at the officers.

He was found to have an alcohol level of 364 milligrammes per 100 millilitres of blood, more than seven times the legal limit of 50mg per 100ml.  

Police searched him and found five homemade ping-pong bombs hidden under his rad prakod (waist band). A subsequent search of his living quarters found .22 long rifle ammunition, a spent 9mm cartridge shell and more than 100 kratom leaves, a mild narcotic, hidden in a cooler container.

Phra Siri was disrobed by abbot Phra Samuboonlert Inthapanyo. Police have charged him with drunk driving and possession of a class 5 drug.

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