Phayao hotel bans 'luk thep' dolls

Phayao hotel bans 'luk thep' dolls

From airlines to language schools, the <i>luk thep</i> (angel child) dolls are welcome as “valued customers”, but one resort in Phayao province has made it clear the place is not <i>luk thep</i>-friendly as guests may have trouble sleeping after.

The China Town Resort Phayao in tambon Ban Tom in Muang district made the announcement on its Facebook page on Wednesday. The message was short and clear: No service for the luk thep dolls. 

A sign banning the angel child dolls at a resort in Phayao province. (Photo from Facebook page of the The China Town Resort Phayao)

It was accompanied by a photo of a signboard put up in front the resort which explained that the place had a slogan of “clean, shady and safe” and the infant-like luk thep may cause other guests to feel “paranoid”. 

However, other guests with regular dolls were welcome.

The lifelike dolls are believed to possess supernatural powers that have been gained through a process of blessing and incantation. They are believed to bring good luck to their owners, many of whom are treating them like actual human children. 

Payom Thisri, the resort owner, said the ban was not intended to insult people and their personal superstitions but to inform the owners that their luk thep dolls may have a psychological impact on other guests and leave them unable to sleep or even cause distress. 

“If the patrons have children staying with them, the kids may become frightened and they won't dare to check in,” Mrs Payom said. 

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