EC calls discrepancies in poll figures 'explainable'

EC calls discrepancies in poll figures 'explainable'

Deputy secretary-general Krit Urwongse defends the election results. (Bangkok Post file photo)
Deputy secretary-general Krit Urwongse defends the election results. (Bangkok Post file photo)

The Election Commission (EC) on Friday insisted the differences in numbers related to the vote results announced on Sunday and Thursday were explainable.

The agency on Thursday announced that the total number of eligible voters was 51,239,638 — 34,014 more than the number the EC chairman announced after Sunday's poll.

Deputy secretary-general Krit Urwongse said the announced number was what polling officials at each polling unit put into the Rapid Report system on the day they retrieved the ballot cards and equipment.

On that day, officials at some units could not put their numbers into the system.

Meanwhile, the number of used ballots announced on Thursday was 4.5 million more than Sunday's number because the Sunday report came from Rapid Report based on 93% of the vote count.

Thursday's announcement was based on 100% of the data and also included 2.3 million votes from advance polls as well as more than 100,000 ballots from foreign countries. Mr Krit insisted the vote-counting process at the polling units and announcement at each unit could also be used to verify the numbers.

The final number of those who came to vote (32,268,375) was higher by nine than the number of ballots uswed (38,268,366 ballots) because there might have been some inaccuracy in counting the number of eligible voters. said Mr Krit.

"On the bright side, it shows the EC did not make up numbers, and the difference of nine does not have any affect on the MP candidates' vote [results]," he said.

Similarly, he said the number of used ballots turned out to be just two more than the sum of the valid, invalid and "no vote" ballots. Mr Krit said some officials might have lost count somewhere among the polling units.

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