Less than 20% expect calm after election results: Suan Dusit Poll

Less than 20% expect calm after election results: Suan Dusit Poll

(Graphic courtesy of Suan Dusit Poll)
(Graphic courtesy of Suan Dusit Poll)

In contrary to high expectations before the March 24 election, people are afraid the official election results - to be announced on May 9 - will bring disappointment, according to an opinion survey by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, or Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll was conducted between April 30-May 4 on 1,239 people all over the country to compile their opinions on the political situation after the election.

In an opinion poll taken prior to the March 24 election, 42.08% of the respondents expected it to be clean, fair and transparent; 29.46% hoped the election results would be correct and verifiable; 18.44% expected that election results would be announced in a timely fashion; and 13.53% hoped the election would not be nullified.

After the election, 43.15% of the respondents worried that the election results would be plagued with inaccuracies; 41.09% feared the results would not be acceptable to all concerned, leading to further disputes; and 25.98% were afraid the method for the calculation of party-list MPs used by the Election Commission (EC) would be challenged.

Asked how calm they think the political situation will be after May 9, when the election results are officially announced, 45.20% expected the situation would remain the same as before, since the country is still plagued with conflicts and power struggles; 36.56% believed the situation would be more chaotic because Thai laws are full of loopholes and legal enforcement is plagued with double standards; and 18.24% believed the situation would improve and the EC would be able to solve problems through channels stipulated by the constitution, leading to the formation of a new government.

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