2021 'the year of elections'
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2021 'the year of elections'

The Bangkok governor election is likely to be held by October, says Election Commission (EC) secretary-general Jarungvith Phumma.

"This year is the year of elections," he said. "When the municipality elections [on March 28] are over, the Interior Ministry is expected to wait three months, so we might have the Tambon Administrative Organisation member elections in June.

"Then in September, or anyway by the end of October, there will be elections for Bangkok governor and Pattaya City chief."

However, a decision on a national referendum for charter amendment might be made before the end of the current parliamentary session, he said, and that would involve up to three rounds of voting.

The EC would therefore have to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare for so many votes and these would also involve Thais abroad, he said.

Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan has confirmed that his wife Taya, a former core member of the now-defunct People's Democratic Reform Committee, will stand in the gubernatorial election.

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