Demonstrators return in inner Bangkok

Demonstrators return in inner Bangkok

Police use water cannon to stop demonstrators from throwing paint at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters in Bangkok on Tuesday evening. (Photo: Arnun Chonmahatrakool)
Police use water cannon to stop demonstrators from throwing paint at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters in Bangkok on Tuesday evening. (Photo: Arnun Chonmahatrakool)

Anti-government protesters gathered at Ratchaprasong intersection and tried to pelt pink dye at the nearby Royal Thai Police Office.

Around 100 protesters of the Thalu Fa group showed up at Ratchaprasong intersection at about 3.30pm to demand that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha resign.

At 4.12pm they marched to the nearby Royal Thai Police Office on Rama I Road and started to throw bags of pink dye at the police head office at 4.20pm. Police there were well prepared since the signage of the headquarters had been well covered before they arrived.

Police were the target on Tuesday as the protesters believed they had reacted violently during previous crackdowns. Three boys, aged 14-16, were shot by live rounds during the clash at Din Daeng on Monday night. The 15-year-old was in critical condition. Police denied having used live rounds on protesters.  

The police headquarters was guarded by riot police who also had water cannon equipment, which was used to stop them. After a while, the protesters ended the rally there.

At 5pm, riot police were mobilised to protect Din Daeng police station, a few minutes before demonstrators turned up at Din Daeng intersection, the clash site since Saturday. Large firecrackers were thrown there.

It was unclear whether they were the same group of protesters who had rallied at Ratchaprasong earlier in the day.

At 6.45pm, riot police seized control of Din Daeng intersection and demonstrators retreated. Fireworks exploded and police responded with tear gas.

At 6.50pm, demonstrators, many of whom rode motorcycles, regrouped at Din Daeng flats. Their number grew at 8.10pm. They threw firecrackers and directed laser beams at the police to make it hard for them take aim when firing tear gas.

At about 8.40pm, riot police moved to Din Daeng flats. Some demonstrators hid behind the fences and threw firecrackers at them.

Other demonstrators on motorcycles gathered at Pracha Songkroh intersection at about 9.10pm. Riot police reached the intersection at about 9.20pm and demonstrators fled on motorcycles.

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