Court clears Paiboon to stay as MP
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Court clears Paiboon to stay as MP

Paiboon: Questions now answered
Paiboon: Questions now answered

Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) deputy leader Paiboon Nititawan can remain an MP after the Constitutional Court cleared up questions over his status on Wednesday.

Mr Paiboon's future as an MP was in doubt after it was alleged he dissolved the People's Reform Party he founded, and defected to the PPRP illegally.

Despite the dissolution of People's Reform being finalised, Mr Paiboon was bound by the organic law on political parties to stay on as party leader until all its accounting transactions and financial matters were dealt with.

He allegedly did not hang around to perform such tasks.

Also, Mr Paiboon was accused of having become a PPRP-list MP without being among the ruling party's list MP candidates presented to the Election Commission prior to the general election in 2019.

The issue of Mr Paiboon's obligation to the People's Reform Party, post-dissolution, was referred to the Constitutional Court by Parliament Speaker Chuan Leekpai.

On a majority vote yesterday, the court ruled that Mr Paiboon's MP status was not affected by the issue and so remained intact on account of the legal dissolution of the People's Reform Party.

The court found the party's de-registration process that resulted in its demise had been carried out properly and legally, which enabled Mr Paiboon to move to a new party.

Mr Paiboon thanked the court, saying the ruling has clarified the issue which had thrown his list MP post into doubt.

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