Anutin upbeat about city chances
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Anutin upbeat about city chances

Bhumjaithai seeks foothold in capital

Anutin: Eager for seats in Bangkok
Anutin: Eager for seats in Bangkok

Bhumjaithai Party leader Anutin Charnvirakul has expressed confidence his party can win House seats in Bangkok in the upcoming general election.

Speaking on Monday after meeting voters during a campaign in Bangkok on Sunday, Mr Anutin, who serves as Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister, said that the party has received a good response from the public.

The party will meet constituents in Bangkok more often as it plans to field candidates in as many constituencies in the capital as possible, he said.

While Bhumjaithai's political support base is mainly in the Northeast, the party did not win a single House seat in Bangkok in the previous 2019 election.

Mr Anutin said he expects the party to win seats in all constituencies, though this depends on several factors, including the party's policies and the hard work each candidate puts in during the election campaign.

"We will try our best, we are confident that we can establish a foothold in Bangkok," Mr Anutin said.

"Bangkok is a special administration. If we can have MPs in the capital, we can help solve several problems by supporting the work of the Bangkok governor," he said.

"The party's achievements during its four-year stint as a coalition party in the government will be used as a selling point to attract voters in Bangkok."

Mr Anutin also said Bhumjaithai has never been in conflict with any party, adding that it never engages in mudslinging to damage the reputation of other parties.

Asked whether the party's policy for electric train fares to be capped at 40 baht would appeal to Bangkok voters, Mr Anutin said that a study showed that the proposed fare rate is worth the investment and will benefit the public.

He also said Bhumjaithai is ready for an election if Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha decides to dissolve the House of Representatives.

Asked if he worries about Gen Prayut's rising popularity after joining the United Thai Nation Party, Mr Anutin said that his popularity rating is also rising as he has received encouragement and support from voters in Bangkok.

"Our success depends on Bangkok residents. Winning House seats in Bangkok will help strengthen the party," he said.

Asked whether Bhumjaithai will form alliances with other parties after the election, Mr Anutin replied that this would depend on the outcome of the election.

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