Prawit vows to end elite-liberal conflict
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Prawit vows to end elite-liberal conflict

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon emerges after the cabinet meeting on Feb 21. (Photo: Chanat Katanyu)
Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon emerges after the cabinet meeting on Feb 21. (Photo: Chanat Katanyu)

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon says he has decided remain in politics because he sees a need to overcome a prevailing conflict between elite authoritarianism and liberalism, and believes he is the man for job if given the chance.

The Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) leader offered his explanation in an article posted on his Facebook page on Monday.

In the article, Gen Prawit said there were many reasons for him to remain in politics, even though many people said it was now time for him to leave it behind and return to leading a comfortable life, as he already had everything he needed.

He said one of the reasons was the PPRP.

"I feel strongly bonded with the other people I joined hands with to create the PPRP, the core of the coalition government which has run the country's administration for nearly four years.

"All of us share the hope and dream of continued political work. We have worked hard together. When the time comes for the election, we know the race will be difficult and fierce. How can I leave behind my brothers who have together built up the PPRP? This is one reason," he said.

He said throughout his military career, from junior officer to commander-in-chief of the army, he had been moulded to be loyal to the nation, the religion and the monarchy, and looked on political developments with concern.

In his view, there was one group of people, the elite group, who were highly influential in all aspects. People in this group looked at politicians with distrust.

Distrust of politicians led to doubts about "democracy" and "people's ability to elect politicians to take the helm of the country's administration". People in this group viewed it as necessary to "stop democracy" for "reform" or a "revolution".

After leaving military service he had a chance to work with politicians, took part in the founding of the PPRP, became the party leader and served as the minister of defence, and had gained experience and learned that it was necessary to lead the country with a "democratic system" and that it was the people who had the power to decide who should to be a government, he said.

Gen Prawit said the conflict between people in the "elite group" and politicians had expanded to be a conflict between "authoritarianism" and "liberalism".

He said the conflict must be overcome.

Gen Prawit said he was confident he would be able to achieve this objective if he were given the chance.

He said he would outline his policy to end of the conflict in coming articles, which would be written by a team of resourceful people with his approval.

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