Democrats pitch recovery plan
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Democrats pitch recovery plan

The team, led by Democrat leader and Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit
The team, led by Democrat leader and Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit

The Democrat Party on Sunday unveiled its economic team with a promise to inject 1 trillion baht into the country's financial system to boost the economic recovery.

The team, led by Democrat leader and Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit, consists of members with financial and economic expertise as well as those with experience in running administrative agencies, including deputy party leader Alongkorn Ponlaboot, adviser to the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, and Watanya Bunnag, chief of the party's working group on political innovations.

Mr Jurin said the team agreed the party's strategies shhould be centred around hastening economic recovery.

The party promises to fine-tune policies to focus on reshaping the economy at all levels, from the grassroots to macroeconomics, according to Mr Jurin.

The grassroots economy is a foundation for most of the population, generating the biggest income, he said.

Party policies will target increasing the production of industrial crops, livestock, fisheries, labour and SMEs, he said.

The party plans to focus also on macroeconomic policies that spur economic growth and fuel stability through a 1-trillion-baht fiscal budget injection and economic models with future trends, including "silver economies", or economic strategies that cater to elderly people, as well as the creative economy, he said.

Regarding policies to woo urban voters, such as those in Bangkok, the Democrat Party's main electoral target, Mr Jurin said policies specific to the capital involve establishing 2,800 community banks, with up to 2 million baht in circulation each.

The party is also proposing to offer free internet access at 1 million locations nationwide, with at least 100,000 of them set up in Bangkok.

Mr Jurin said internet access is essential in driving local economies.

Meanwhile, United Thai Nation (UTN) Party secretary-general Akanat Promphan on Sunday said the party hopes to gain between 15 and 20 list MP seats out of the 100 up for grabs in the next poll.

As the party is now compiling potential candidates, it is also promoting the political views of its members.

There has been no issue with naming constituency candidates, while list candidates are expected to be finalised this week, ahead of the opening of registration on April 4.

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