Ex-deputy House speaker faces graft rap
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Ex-deputy House speaker faces graft rap

Charoen: NACC finds him guilty
Charoen: NACC finds him guilty

Former deputy House speaker Charoen Jankomol committed graft in connection with the alleged abuse of a parliament project, the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) ruled yesterday.

Mr Charoen served as the first deputy House speaker from Aug 2, 2011 to Dec 9, 2013. He was also a Pheu Thai Party MP during that period.

The NACC found that he and six officials in parliament were guilty of graft while running a project initiated by parliament to promote education in national administrative affairs, according to Niwatchai Kasemmongkol, the NACC secretary-general.

Mr Charoen is accused of having used his power as an MP to meddle in the work of state officials for his personal interest or the vested interest of his party.

As deputy House speaker, he issued an order appointing a panel to manage the finances for the project. The panel was granted full authority to define, consider and vet financial matters related to the project's activities. This was directed by Mr Charoen, according to the NACC.

Working groups under the deputy House speaker conducted a seminar as part of the project in an area known to be Mr Charoen's and Pheu Thai's political stronghold.

Mr Niwatchai said documents were produced to outline activities that never took place in order to claim payments.

The NACC implicated six former parliamentary officials, including Wijak Nakkawatcharachai, a former secretary-general of the House of Representatives, who stands accused of aiding and abetting graft. It was recommended that they receive severe disciplinary and criminal punishments.

The NACC's report will be forwarded to the attorney-general.

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