MFP expels another MP for alleged misconduct

MFP expels another MP for alleged misconduct

Bangkok MP Chaiyamphawan Manpianjit, in orange jacket. (photo: Move Forward Party)
Bangkok MP Chaiyamphawan Manpianjit, in orange jacket. (photo: Move Forward Party)

RAYONG: Executives and MPs of the Move Forward Party on Tuesday morning voted unanimously to expel Bangkok MP Chaiyamphawan Manpianjit over allegations of sexual harassment, the second MP to be ejected recently over claims of sexual misconduct.

A total of 128 executive members and MPs of the biggest opposition party were at the meeting, held in Rayong.

MFP leader Chaithawat Tulaton said the party's decision was unanimous. Mr Chaiyamphawan had failed to follow the party's instruction that he make a statement of apology and repentance.

His expulsion from the party took immediate effect, Mr Chaithawat said.

Mr Chaiyamphawan, aka Puaut, 34, was accused of sexually harassing three female assistants.

Last week, MFP members had met to vote on the expulsion of Mr Chaiyamphawan and Prachin Buri MP Wuttiphong Thonglour, but there were enough votes to expel only Mr Wuttiphong  who later said he was being persecuted after exposing details of corruption by an assistant to an executive member of the party.

MFP leader Chaithawat said party executives were clear that Mr Chaiyamphawan had harassed one assistant while she was intoxicated and unable to resist.

They believed Mr Chaiyamphawan's motive was questionable when he took her back to his condo.

He said Mr Chaiyamphawan had twice invited the second assistant to accompany him alone on an upcountry trip. She had turned down the invitation because the trip had nothing to do with work.

The third assistant alleged the MP made unwelcome advances that led to her resigning after one month in the job.

The law requires that an MP expelled from one party join another party within 30 days or lose their seat.

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