Most voters want Narapat as Democrat Party leader: poll
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Most voters want Narapat as Democrat Party leader: poll

Democrat Party list MP Narapat Kaeothong. (Photo: Democrat Party)
Democrat Party list MP Narapat Kaeothong. (Photo: Democrat Party)

Narapat Kaeothong, a Democrat Party list MP and caretaker deputy party leader, is leading other potential candidates in the race for the post of Democrat leader, according to an opinion survey carried out by Super Poll.

The poll, carried out from December 5 to 7, gathered responses from 1,685 eligible voters aged 18 and over, representing various occupations in Bangkok. Its purpose was to compile their opinions on the election of the new executive committee of the opposition Democrat Party, including the party leader, scheduled for Saturday.

The necessity for the party's election of a new executive committee arose from the resignation of Jurin Laksanawisit as party leader, taking responsibility for the party's poor performance in the May 14 general election, where they secured only 25 seats in the House of Representatives.

When asked about their preference for the new party leader, Mr Narapat emerged as the frontrunner with 18.2%, followed by Watanya "Dear" Bunnag at 14.9%, Chaichana Dechdecho at 14.3%, Chalermchai Sri-on at 12.8% and Lt Col Thita Rangsitpol Manitkul at 12.4%. The remaining 27.4% favoured other potential candidates.

Former Democrat Party leader Jurin Laksanawisit, left, and Watanya Bunnag. (File photo)

Asked about their preferences for the new party leader's selection of candidates in the next Bangkok governor election, Ms Watanya led with 17.7%, followed by Pol Lt Thita at 17.0%, Mr Chaichana at 16.9%, Mr Narapat at 14.9% and Mr Chalermchai at 14.6%. The remaining 18.9% was distributed among other potential candidates.

In response to a question about notable achievements of the Democrat Party, respondents provided more than one answer, including:

• 79.8% cited the education loan fund which was originated by the Chuan Leekpai government in 1995

• 78.9% cited the party's stand for women's rights and equality

• 76.0% cited the school milk programme introduced in 1992

• 74.1% cited the education reform in 1995

• 60.0% cited the military reform, which introduced some changes in the drafting system, including partial recruitment of volunteers

Regarding the expectations of Bangkok residents from the new Democrat leader, respondents expressed the following wishes:

• 88.2% wanted the continuation of education reform

• 87.9% expected solutions to crime and cyber threats

• 85.7% expected solutions to the issue of high good prices

• 85.2% wanted the reintroduction of schools for drug rehabilitation

• 84.3% expected solutions to various public transport-related problems

• 82.0% wanted the continuation of the school milk programme

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