Prinn dodges charge of molestation

Prinn dodges charge of molestation

Prinn: Faces other indictments
Prinn: Faces other indictments

The Criminal Court yesterday acquitted Prinn Panitchpakdi, a former deputy leader of the Democrat Party, in a case in which he was accused of committing an indecent act on a 17-year-old girl in 2018 due to the statute of limitations having expired.

According to the prosecution's lawsuit, in the daytime of April 25, 2018, while travelling in a van, Mr Prinn was accused of holding the girl's left hand while touching the girl's thigh with his free hand. This allegedly happened in full view of the public, and the minor was unable to deter the molestation. The incident occurred in Bangkok's Din Daeng district.

He was charged with committing an indecent act against a minor aged over 15 but less than 18 years old and taking a minor away from her parents for an act of indecency.

The defendant denied the charges. He was released on bail.

Following an examination of the evidence presented by the prosecution and defence, the court found the alleged offences took place in a private van fitted with curtains and dark films and there was a curtain between the driver's and passenger compartments.

Therefore, what happened could not be seen by outsiders. Moreover, the statute of limitations in an indecency case is only three months. Since this case took place in 2018, it expired years ago.

As for the charge of taking a minor away from her parents, the court learned that the alleged offence had taken place while the defendant was taking the girl in a van from an office to a condominium.

When the girl asked Mr Prinn to drop her by the side of the road so she could take an electric train, the defendant agreed to her request. So, there was no evidence to the charge the defendant taking a minor from her parents, the court ruled. The court acquitted him of all charges.

Mr Prinn has been indicted for numerous sexual offences against women.

In one, a court on Sept 29 sentenced him to four years in jail and ordered him to pay 2 million baht in damages after finding him guilty of sexually assaulting Hathairat "Anna" Vidhyaphum. He was later released on bail.

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