MFP calls on EC to clarify rules on Senate candidates
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MFP calls on EC to clarify rules on Senate candidates

Parit: Wants regulations published
Parit: Wants regulations published

The Move Forward Party (MFP) has urged the Election Commission (EC) to urgently announce the qualifications for the 20 occupational groups that will make up candidates for the Senate.

It also wants to know what the rules are for candidates to introduce themselves to the public as the current Senate's term ends on May 10.

Parit Wacharasindhu, an MFP list-MP and party spokesman, posted on Facebook yesterday, reminding people that the selection process for a new set of Senators is about to begin.

However, none of the rules connected to the selection process have yet been published, even though the EC said at a March 28 meeting of the Committee on Political Development and Public Participation that they should be released before Songkran, said Mr Parit.

Among the unpublished regulations and announcements, there are two important notifications that will provide clarity for many, especially those looking to apply to become senators.

They are the qualifications needed for the 20 occupational groups, such as the definition of each group and the regulations regarding candidates' self-introductions, including information on their campaigns, their views on changes to the constitution, and so forth.

The MFP spokesman said the party hopes the EC will publish the regulations regarding the selection of new senators as soon as possible and that they will be as "open" as possible to allow candidates and citizens to participate in the selection process.

Mr Parit also brought up the concern that the EC would be able to postpone the announcement of the selection result in the event there is a problem with the selection process, which would allow the current senators to remain in their positions for an unspecified period.

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