Most Thais back ruling - Abac

Most Thais back ruling - Abac

A majority of people accept the Constitution Court's ruling on Friday on the legality of the charter amendment bill, Abac Poll revealed on Sunday.

The poll was conducted on Saturday on people who closely follow news on political developments in the country in 17 provinces.

The majority, or 84.7 per cent, of the respondents said they accepted the court's ruling, while 15.3 per cent said it was not acceptable to them.

Most of the people polled said they were happy with the court's ruling.

Asked what should be done after the ruling, 72.8 per cent said they wanted an end to the political colour codes which divide the people, 72.6 per cent wanted to see unity, and 70.4 per cent wanted all concerned to refrain from drawing the monarchy into politics.

Slightly more than one half, or 52.3 per cent, of the respondents supported charter amendment by sections, 14.9 per cent wanted the charter to be amended in its entirety, and the rest did not want it to be amended at all.

The majority, or 61.4 per cent, wanted the Yingluck Shinawatra government to stay for at least two years or complete its term.

Asked about a cabinet reshuffle, 52.4 per cent said it was now time for that, 36.9 per cent said it was still too soon and 10.7 per cent said it should have been done earlier.

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