Abhisit: Democrats to boycott polls

Abhisit: Democrats to boycott polls

The Democrat Party has decided to boycott the Feb 2 general election, party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Saturday.

"Over the past eight to nine years, people have lost their trust in Thailand's political system, and their respect for political parties and elections," MrAbhisit said.  "Although there will be an election on Feb 2, people will not have confidence in the new government unless we have political reforms beforehand, so we have decided not to contest it."

Co-leaders of the anti-government People's Democratic Reform Council (PDRC) announced on the anti-government stage on Ratchadamnoen Road that the Democrat Party will not field any candidates for the general election.

PDRC leader Sathit Wongnongtoey, who is a former Democrat MP, said the Democrat Party will not contest in the polls but they will fight alongside the protesters.

Ex-Democrat MP Witthaya Kaewparadai said he wanted people in every province to think of ways to deal with the government if it persisted to have the general election. The problem will not end after the election, he said.

Former Democrat MP Sansern Samalapa posted a message on his Facebook page saying the Democrats were not worried about losing elections.

"In the past elections, we (the Democrats) knew that we would lose but we still contested. But now, we want the party to become an instrument for the people to reform the country," Mr Sansern said.

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