Meet Mr Makelifebetter: Theft suspect

Meet Mr Makelifebetter: Theft suspect

A 29-year-old theft suspect from Surin has become an internet sensation after a photo of his ID card showing his name made up of a compound of English words and configured in Thai was circulated online. Meet Mr Heangjobshappy Makelifebetter.

The man’s name is written in Thai as เฮงจ๊อบส์แฮบปี้ไลฟ์ เมคไลฟ์เบสเทอร์, which is pronounced in English as “Heangjobshappy Makelifebetter”. เฮง (Heang) is the only Thai word used in his name, and means luck or lucky.

After the image of his ID card with probably the weirdest name in the kingdom went viral, many people doubted whether Mr Heangjobshappy’s name was genuine or the image was photoshopped. Some reckoned it was not a Thai name and wondered how authorities had approved it, if the name was real.  

But officials at Surin’s Civil Registration Office confirmed Thursday that Mr Heangjobshappy’s name was real and did not violate criteria stipulated in the 1962 Personal Names Act.

They said Mr Heangjobshappy registered his new name with them on July 16 and showed his application documents to reporters. 

His birth name is San Sroi-soongnoen.

Mr Heangjobshappy’s fate apparently did not match his surname as he was arrested four days after he got his new name for allegedly stealing an iPhone 5s in Surin’s Muang district. He denied the charge.

He is now being detained at the provincial central prison. The man did not have a criminal record before he was arrested, according to PoL Lt Preecha Chana, a duty officer at Muang police station, who is in charge of Mr Heangjobshappy’s case. 

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