Women want equality on charter panel
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Women want equality on charter panel

The women's movement for Thailand's reform (WeMove) is campaigning for women to be equally represented on the committee drafting the new constitution.

WeMove coordinator Supensri Phuengkhoksung said the organisation had submitted a letter to Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the prime minister and chairman of the National Council for Peace and Order, and to Pornpetch Wichitcholachai, chairman of the National Legislative Assembly, calling for women's representation in the constitution drafting committee to promote gender equality.

The same letter was also lodged with the National Reform Council through its speaker Boonlert Kachayuthadej.

Ms Supensri said the call for gender equality in the charter drafting panel is based on Section 32 of the interim constitution of 2014.

She said that on Oct 23-24 WeMove held a forum on how to best include provisions on women's rights in the new constitution, mainly to protect women's rights in the justice process, particularly in cases of sexual violence.

The forum also discussed ways of promoting gender equality based on international laws, including the Beijing declaration on women's rights, she said.

Ms Supensri said WeMove is concerned about the number of women who will be on the constitution drafting panel because no criteria have been set regarding this matter.

"Of the Thai population of 65 million the number of women exceeds that of men by two million, and WeMove hopes that this will be taken into consideration by those involved, so that the new constitution will ensure equal participation of men and women iin solving the problems in Thai society," she said.

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