NGOs: Govt, NCPO abusing powers

NGOs: Govt, NCPO abusing powers

The non-governmental organisations coordinating committee of the South on Monday issued a statement condemning the government and the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) for abuse of power and overlooking land and energy reform, Manager Online reported.

The committee's statement called on the government and NCPO to lift martial law imposed since May 20  and end restrictions and threats against the people's right to expression of opinion.

The statement, read out by Somboon Khamhaeng, the committee secretary-general, said NGOs nationwide would from now carry out activities to mount pressure on the government.

Following the coup, the promulgation of the 2014 interim constitution, the formation of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and the National Reform Council (NRC), the provisional government and the NCPO had promised to complete the writing of a new permanent constitution in one year to reduce political conflict, reform the country and return happiness to the people, the statement said.

But the orders and announcements issued by the government and the NCPO had caused troubles for people all over the country.

The military -- citing NCPO orders, national forestry management masterplans and martial law --  had evicted people from land they had long occupied and made their living from.

People, including academics, who voiced opinions opposing the government's plan to call for the 21st round of bidding for petroleum drilling concessios had been arrested and subject to intimidation.

The government had also used the military and the martial law to intimidate people into not opposing  coal-fired power plants in many southern province.

It had also restricted the rights and liberties of the mass media, for  example in the the case of Nattaya Wawweerakup, a Thai PBS show host who was removed the Voice of the People programme, the statement said.

Mr Somboon said the NGO's coordinating committee for all regions would soon hold a meeting in Bangkok to lay down plans to mount pressure on the government and NCPO to end their abuse of power.

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