Yingluck to make defence Friday

Yingluck to make defence Friday

Former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra will appear before the National Legislative Assembly on Friday to defend herself against impeachment over the rice-pledging scheme, her attorney said.

Norawich Lalaeng said the National Anti-Corruption Commission will deliver its opening statement in the impeachment case Jan 9. His team of lawyers consulted with Ms Yingluck and agreed that the former prime minister would herself appear before the NLA to deliver a defence statement.

Ms Yingluck was confident she would be able to clearly explain to the NLA that she truly believed the programme truly would help the people.

The lawyer said he would today submit a letter to NLA president Pornpetch Wichicholachai a confirmation that Ms Yingluck was ready to deliver her statement to the legislature Friday.

He would also submit a letter to the Attorney General on Wednesday to ask him not to rush to indict Ms Yingluck in a criminal case over alleged negligence of duty in the supervision of the rice-pledging scheme until more investigation into some points has been completed.

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