Soldiers camp out in front of ex-MP's home

Soldiers camp out in front of ex-MP's home

Watana says wife, kids unable to enter

Watana Muangsook reports to the National Council for Peace and Order in late March. (Bangkok Post file photo)
Watana Muangsook reports to the National Council for Peace and Order in late March. (Bangkok Post file photo)

The regime says it is still waiting for the return of former Pheu Thai MP Watana Muangsook who has not been seen in public since leaving his house in Prawet district on Wednesday.

Soldiers turned up at Mr Watana's house on Thursday to invite him for talks after he reiterated his opposition to the draft charter via a post on Facebook on Wednesday, but the politician was not there.

Lt Col Somporn Tophab, commander of the 1st Battalion of the 21st Infantry Regiment Queen's Guard, who led his force to Mr Watana's house, insisted the politician arranged to meet him on Thursday and did not request the meeting to be postponed to Monday, as he had claimed on his Facebook page.

Mr Watana on Thursday wrote on Facebook that he would be back home on Monday at 11 am.

A spokesman for the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), Col Piyapong Klinpan, said yesterday the officers were still waiting for Mr Watana in front of his house. He also said the former Pheu Thai MP is trying to draw attention to himself and distort what the officers are doing.

"The NCPO will demonstrate to people how it works under justifiable laws and transparency," Col Piyapong said, insisting the authorities are treating the politician with respect.

Col Piyapong said Mr Watana did not keep his promise, adding the politician is trying to incite trouble, breach orders and challenge the laws, all of which will cause more trouble for Mr Watana himself.

"The NCPO wants people in the country and overseas to have faith in security measures to maintain order in the country," said Col Piyapong.

Meanwhile, Mr Watana asked for justice in his Facebook post yesterday.

Following his remark opposing the draft charter, soldiers turned up at his house on Thursday in a bid to take him to an attitude adjustment session, the politician said.

Citing an NCPO spokesman, Mr Watana said the invitation was made because his remarks were deemed not constructive, breached an agreement and intended to challenge the NCPO's power.

Due to the forces being positioned in front of his house, his wife and children were unable to get home but had to stay elsewhere, the politician said.

He appealed to the soldiers to leave, saying he would meet them on Monday at 11 am.

According to Mr Watana, the NCPO issued three conditions to about 200 politicians such as himself when it took power.

They cover avoiding overseas trips without getting approval from the NCPO chief, refraining from political movements and agreeing to face legal action or a suspension of financial transactions if found to have backed political movements.

He said his view regarding his opposition to the draft charter has not breached such conditions and his stance is similar to executives of the Pheu Thai and Democrat parties.

He urged the regime not to abuse its power. "I believe that freedom of expression will lead to constructive development," he said.

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