Leaders Meeting of the 7th ASEAN Member States : MGMAC 2019
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Leaders Meeting of the 7th ASEAN Member States : MGMAC 2019

Achieve cooperation goals in the ASEAN framework in the capital

At the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangrak District : Maj.Gen. Asawin Kwanmuang, Governor of BMA presided over the opening ceremony The 7th Meeting of Governors/Mayors of ASEAN Capitals (MGMAC 2019). which Bangkok is scheduled to be held to be a platform to promote cooperation in the ASEAN framework at the capital by exchanging knowledge, comment and the experience of the city administration of the leaders 10  ASEAN countries. The meeting will be held at the capital of ASEAN member countries. and circulated to be the host according to the principles of the position of ASEAN Chairmanship. In this year, 2019, Thailand has been honored to be the ASEAN of chairmanship. 

Governor of BMA said the Meeting of Governors/Mayors of ASEAN Capitals is a platform for ASEAN leaders to share experiences and success in working under the ASEAN pillars. The results of the meeting will cause learning between each other to create a network of learning between cities that are important in strengthening and unity in ASEAN. For this meeting the main topic of the meeting is promoting cooperation networks for a sustainable future. It is a good opportunity for ASEAN leaders to exchange knowledge, ideas, policies and guidelines in various areas of excellence. For effective city management prepare to cope with the challenges that will continue to increase with urban development and people's quality of life as an important goal.

For morning activities to consist of the opening ceremony of the meeting with the Governor of Bangkok  presided over the ceremony. Special lecture by Dr. Punarj Chairatana, Director of the National Innovation Agency  (Public Organization). In the topic of promoting cooperation networks for a sustainable future. Then was a meeting between the capital leaders to share experiences and achievements in the implementation of the city's projects. According to the pillars of ASEAN 3 pillars, including 1. ASEAN Political Security Community 2. ASEAN Economic Community 3. ASEAN Social and Cultural Community.

Focus on the child potential development project to promote cultural tourism in the capital leader stage.

At the meeting, the Governor of Bangkok presented the concept and success of Bangkok. On issues relating to the potential development and quality of children in Bangkok and the development of cultural tourism sites as for the potential development and quality of children in Bangkok. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has presented a project to inspire the second language study. Throughout the past 2 years by striving to create inspiration in learning foreign languages. Focus on children who are less interested in learning and lack opportunities. Which after joining the project found that children are more interested in learning. For the development of cultural tourism sites. Bangkok has taken care of the local cultural foundation together with preserving tourist attractions which will further enhance the preservation of the community at the same time. For example : Hua Takhe community which the delegation will travel to study the real area on June 28, 2019 is a demonstration of the development of new products and keep old things together.

Then the meeting exchanged views on educational issues and practices of Bangkok. Representatives from Malaysia saw that Thailand and Malaysia had a border with each other can exchange students to create good relationships in the future. Representatives from the Kingdom of Cambodia said Cambodia will learn the experience of Bangkok not just the ASEAN framework but will send representatives to learn the best practices from Bangkok in the future as well. In addition representatives of the Lao People's Democratic Republic agree with Bangkok and see that urban development is the focus of education development.

From then on the countries have joined together to present important projects and work experiences. include Mr. Sihun Sidthilusai, Deputy ruler of Vientiane Lao People's Democratic Republic offering tourism development services. Mr. Ridzuan Ahmad, Chairman of the Municipal Committee of Kuala Belait and Seria Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei Darussalam share public safety experiences and the environment. Mr. Nuon Pharat, Deputy Governor of Phnom Penh Cambodia presenting a flood management project which is in collaboration with JICA. Dato Nor Hisham Bin Ah Dhalan Mayor of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia offering low carbon city management. Mr. Ye Tune, a member of the Naypyidaw Council Republic of the Union of Myanmar share a sustainable urban development experience in Naypyidaw. Mr. Desmond Shuping, Mayor of the North East District  Republic of Singapore presenting success when entering the elderly society. Mr. Le Hong Son, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee  Socialist Republic of Vietnam presenting an overview of cultural tourism in Hanoi. The Philippines did not send representatives to participate in this meeting.

ASEAN member States sign the Bangkok Declaration. Along with delivering the symbol of the next meeting to Hanoi.

After the meeting the leader of the 9 ASEAN States have signed the Bangkok Declaration. Under the framework of cooperation in various fields such as being a sustainable community by promoting cultural tourism and community economic development. By supporting local communities develop resources and local resources causing a sense of belonging. As well as creating local capabilities and preserving the urban environment. Together to raise the partnership between public and private sectors to develop a solution for modern cities. Promote good environment and provide public services to the people to become a green ASEAN. Together to realize the elderly society and policies for elderly care in the capital of ASEAN Member States. Work to create useful policies by having an environment and technology for the elderly supporting the needs of the elderly and encourage the elderly to have better living in every community. To create a flexible urban society.

Then the Governor of Bangkok delivered the symbol being the host of the 8th ASEAN Capital Leadership Conference to Hanoi Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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