Young Smart Farmers Growing Thailand’s Upward Economic Trend

Young Smart Farmers Growing Thailand’s Upward Economic Trend

A new generation is like an essential perennial plant growing its branches to support Thailand to reach the anticipated economic goal.

To move into the “Value-Based Economy” era, traditional industrial practices must be uprooted. Technology, creativity, and innovation are the best guidelines leading to “agricultural commodities” and “innovative-based supplies,” in which farmers are enhanced as the authorised owners of their own high quality and profitable products.

Young Smart Farmer: The most inspiring and motivating programme for Thailand’s agricultural industry is powered by the Department of Agricultural Extension (DOAE).  The initiative aims to produce new agricultural ‘young blood’ to achieve maximum agricultural capability by engaging technology to improve yields, as well as other commercial aspects, including production capacity, management, and farm marketing. Most importantly, these skilled YSFs are destined to become the leaders in their hometowns, and influential figures will cooperate with all levels of agronomic networks to replace over 50 percent of retired farmers.

“As we are surviving through the disruptive era, digital technology has become vital to make positive changes as well as presenting challenging opportunities for many products to move on and up. Agricultural produce is one of the commodity areas that rely mainly on natural resources and whereby digital technology can minimise negative effects on yields. On the other hand, the advantage of digital cultivation is that it improves quality and provides ways to increase profits. The challenge that lies ahead is how to implement the strategies to transform ourselves into a Smart Extension Officer and there by provide YSF with a worthwhile programme,” said Sumran Sarabun, Director General, Department of Agricultural Extension (DOAE).

“Agricultural Geography Development”, the department’s key strategic plan in providing YSF’s new agro-cultural direction, aims to promote a new independence for farmers in planning, thinking, and generating ideas for cultivating crops on the allocated testing farms. In addition, YSF participants are entitled to take part in an overseas exchange programme to gain knowledge and know-how in agro-conduct. They can then transfer their farming wisdom, concepts, and technology to the international stage.

By increasing opportunities in agro-industrial careers, DOAE advises YSF in modern farming approaches by implanting an entrepreneurial paradigm into agriculture business. This provides project implementation, establishes commercial based knowledge, develop start-up enterprises, so that the farmers become comprehensive agro-commercial trade owners.

With a growing competitive trend in international agronomic trading, the prospective Young Smart Farmers are provided with various supports from major government agencies to reach the goal of replacing aging farmers. The recent collaboration between DOAE and the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Defence has introduced discharged soldiers to the Young Smart Farmer programme for future career enhancement and this year it will be implemented in the area of 10 military units nationwide.

Young Smart Farmer is a truly promising and challenging programme whereby the new generation can discover new opportunities and initiate changes in their communities and local networks with confidence.

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