IRPC joined hands with partners, using plastic crude oil while minimizing the mounting waste problem.

IRPC joined hands with partners, using plastic crude oil while minimizing the mounting waste problem.

IRPC signed a contract with Tecsa Energy and V.A. Energy to use the plastic crude oil of around 300,000 – 400,000 liters per month. This high quality crude oil is produced in the process of pyrolysis, an advanced technology. The production can eliminate the plastic waste of around 560 tons per month and provides an option for crude selection. This option supports the circular economy, aligning with the government’s policy to solve and manage the waste problem sustainably.

Mr. Noppadol Pinsupa, the President of IRPC Public Company Limited (IRPC)said, “IRPC signed the contract with Tecsa Energy Company Limited and V.A. Energy Company Limited to buy and sell plastic crude oil of 300,000 – 400,000 liters per month. This crude oil is produced in the process of pyrolysis and is quite similar to natural crude oil. The oil was certified by oil quality testing company, so it is guaranteed that the crude oil has a high quality and reaches the refineries’ standard.”

This collaboration not only provides another crude selection option for the energy source stability in the country but also reduces the effect on the environment. The process turns the waste plastics into a resource. This plastic crude oil production can solve the plastic waste problem sustainably. Actually, it eliminates the plastic waste of around 460 - 560 tons per month. 

“As a petroleum and petrochemical manufacturer, IRPC realizes and focuses on the environmental effects from the plastic waste. It takes a long time for plastics to biodegrade, so it is necessary and more favorable to recycle the waste plastics for the best benefits. As such, IRPC is more than delighted to use any material made from recycled plastics to promote the sustainable plastic waste management. What we do also aligns with the circular economy concept and supports the government’s 2018 – 2030 Plastic Waste Management Roadmap which indicates the 100% of waste plastic recycling within 2027.” 

Tecsa Energy Company Limited and V.A. Energy Company Limited, 2 producers and distributers of plastic crude oil, use an advanced technology, the process of pyrolysis, to produce high quality plastic crude oil. During pyrolysis, plastics are thermally degraded by heating them to 200 – 500 degrees Celsius in the absence of oxygen, causing no harm to the environment. The solid sublimates and transforms to be oil vapor and synthetic gas. Then, the oil vapor and synthetic gas condense and become liquid which is petroleum products – fuel oil, Diesel and Naphtha - an energy resource for the industry, the transportation or the electricity. 

“For the past decades, the plastic waste has been eliminated by burning or landfilling. However, the amount of plastic waste has increased continuously while the landfill area is limited and may not be enough for the mounting waste. Moreover, the burning needs a high technology to cause no harm to the environment. This requires a big investment. The technology for the pyrolysis process can be invested at the same cost, but it does not burn out the waste plastics and produces some valued products instead. Besides, it does not harm the environment. This collaboration can help solve the environmental problems and is in accordance with IRPC’s policy to love and care about the society and environment, plus it supports the government’s policy to manage the plastic waste sustainably.”

Miss Wanida Utaisomnapa, Senior Executive Vice President of IRPC PLC. (2nd from the left), Special Colonel Jirasak Chanuaychai Consultant of Tecsa Energy Co., Ltd. (The Left) and Mr. Ashwin Chugani, Director of V.A. Energy Co.,Ltd. (The Right) signed a Contract in the Pyrolysis Crude Sale and Purchase Agreement Ceremony in which Mr. Noppadol Pinsupa, President of IRPC PLC. (3rd from the left) was an honored guest.

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