ICONSIAM celebrates the 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival

ICONSIAM celebrates the 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival

by gathering together a variety of premium mooncakes under the same roof

ICONSIAM is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival by accumulating different variations of mooncakes from top hotels and restaurants under the same roof until September 15, 2019. Exclusive and tasty treats as well as unconventional flavours made from premium ingredients are carefully selected to become the perfect gifts for your respected and beloved ones.

Kanom pia (Chinese-style flaky pastry) meets mooncake at the “Kanom Pia-Mooncake Festival” being held at SOOKSIAM Zone from September 1 to 15.

Irresistible desserts from three legendary restaurants serving finest sweets for customers of all ages for decades are available under one roof. Shangrila Restaurant features its “authentic mooncake” that has been famous for more than 40 years for its thin and light dough yet dense fillings and various flavours. Meanwhile, the 70-year-old Cantonese restaurant Gokjai is proud to present the “jumbo-sized mooncake” whose diameter is 18 centimeter each. The choices of flavourful stuffings are chemical-free mon thong durian, lotus seed, and multigrain and the restaurant also adjusts its recipe for less sweetness to please the health-conscious customers. Last but not least, Tang Seng Jua - the legendary, 80-year-old restaurant in Bang Khla district of Chachoengsao province - offers its “authentic and sumptuous treats” stuffed with durian and salted egg yolk and multigrain. 

Then comes to the modern-style mooncakes starting with the “home-made snow skin cream-orange liquor” handcrafted by chef Lau Chi Kwong of The Ambassador Hotel for the soft texture and the perfect blend of orange and cream fillings. The “durian-mangosteen” is an unusual filling presented by the Grand China Hotel by combining durian and mangosteen that are regarded as the king and queen of fruits respectively. The result is the decadent flavour and the benefits that help boost energy and balance the body. 

The “rose-custard” mooncake from Rose Sawan Shop is another highlight for its beautifully-crafted treats pressed in a round mould with embossed texture. The rose-custard filling is made from premium Engligh roses imported from England to give off a well-balanced, lightly sweet and rose flavours that are very distinctive.

The authentic and delicious recipe of kanom pia pastry that has passed down from generation to generation and the revised version with contemporary twist to cater the young people are also presented. Chef Bump - the fourth-generation owner of Pong Chiwanij Shop - offers his famous and innovative kanom pia recipe called “egg explosion”. The light and thin dough is being celebrated with dense fillings of mixed grains including white sesame, raisin, and seeds of watermelon, sunflower and pumpkin as well as dried shredded pork while the creamy flavour is resulted from eight salted eggs. 

Durian lovers will fall in love with “durian mon thong and salted egg yolk” kanom pia from Ban Khun Chuii. The filling is made from 100-percent mon thong durian and salted egg yolk adds the creamy flavour. The process is meticulously cooked without the use of sugar, butter, milk and preservatives with the healthy concern.

The “Mooncake Festival” at SIAM Takashimaya from August 22 to September 13, 2019.

Follow the tasty journey at G Floor of SIAM Takashimaya with different flavours of mooncakes from August 22 to September 13, 2019. The Peninsula Bangkok brings in its legendary “egg-custard mooncake” with light and soft texture and each is hand crafted by the chefs of its Chinese restaurant Mei Jiang. The organic egg is only used to make the egg-custard stuffing for the best flavour and healthy benefit and the sweet treats come with a gift box containing eight mooncakes as eight is considered the auspicious number of Chinese people.

Sweet tamarind from Phetchabun province is well selected for the filling of distinctive mooncake presented by The Narai Hotel. The creative presentation is the perfect blend of Thai fruit that gives off sweet taste and chewy texture. Another contrasting flavour is “chocolate, mint and almond” featuring the classic taste of chocolate and the crunchy texture of almond. 

The Athenee Hotel features its new “durian mixed with chocolate and custard” mooncake based on the concept of east-meets-west. The tasty treat is crafted from premium and seasonal durian perfectly mixed with finest chocolate and smooth texture of custard that is a creation rarely found in any places. 

The “fresh durian” mooncake from Buono restaurant is also second to none for its soft snow skin stuffed with 100-percent fresh durian flesh, resulting with aromatic, creamy and flavourful treat. Other fillings are coconut-sweet potato lava as well as coconut and coconut meat. The mooncakes are also available in a metal box in beautiful floral pattern.

Other shops at ICONSIAM also celebrate the festival by offering their creative and signature mooncakes. 

Starbucks on the first floor of ICONSIAM invites customers to try its signature “coffee” mooncakes and other options like rose tea and berries, green tea and red bean, as well as sweet potato and almond.  Kyo Roll En on the third floor is innovative in blending its signature Japanese-style sweet dessert with Chinese-style treat by presenting the new flavour “yuzu custard lava”. Their four classic flavours including “matcha red bean”, “Japanese sweet potato”, “durian and salted egg yolk”, and “custard salted egg yolk” are also available until September 13. 

S&P on the fourth floor offers different variations of mooncakes to meet the preferable choices of customers. Four new flavours are introduced; “orange chocolate lava”, “berries and acai berry”, “date palm and grains”, and “jujube and jasmine tea” while other classic 22 flavours are also presented. For the first time,  After You on the sixth floor features the bite-sized mooncake in soft texture created in chic style to meet the characteristic of the shop. The unusual flavours include “espresso and longan”, “mon thong durian and egg yolk”, “tup tap (sweet peanut snack)”, and “red dates” and all ingredients are carefully selected for their premium grade and are available only for the particular season.

Everyone is invited to indulge into a variety of mooncakes carefully selected from top hotels and restaurants. The signature and distinctive flavours with premium ingredients are gathering together under one roof once in a year for this Mid-Autumn Festival at ICONSIAM on Charoennakorn Road. For more information, please call 02-495-7080 or visit www.iconsiam.com.

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