Wonderful Indonesia Festival in Thailand 2019

Wonderful Indonesia Festival in Thailand 2019

BANGKOK – The Ministry of Tourism Indonesia in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia will attract the youth of Thailand by presenting an intriguing festival which will be held at the Lifestyle Hall, 2nd floor of Siam Paragon Mall, Bangkok, Thailand, 11-13 October 2019. Themed “Find Your Adventure”, the festival will showcase Indonesia’s unique tourism destinations.

Siam Paragon Mall, was chosen for its convenient yet classy location. It is also considered as one of the vortex of the local Bangkok people and visitors can easily access the venue by BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) and other means of transport. 

The Wonderful Indonesia Festival in Thailand, on this occasion, will focus on what appeals to the youth today being very unique, different, and instagramable tourist destinations. The festival will present a fun and informative concept, showcasing activities such as art and culture performances, music by Bangkok’s very own artists, DJ, and talk shows guest staring Thailand’s Key Opinion Leaders and conversing on traveling, photography, culinary, etc. 

Relaxing in the lounge area, enjoying the music performance and listening to the Thai Key Opinion Leader sharing their story about Indonesian destinations, visitors can enjoy the free Authentic Indonesian Beverages, and taste authentic Indonesian snacks. In addition, visitors can engage in fun QR Games and winning interesting prizes. Information on Indonesian tourism destinations will be provided on an interactive touch screen, displaying the attractions at each appointed location. 

For those that are interested in visiting Indonesia, tourist packages are available from city destinations to high adrenaline destinations for true adventures. With affordable packages, adventurers can find destinations that suits their adventurous souls. In collaboration with the tourism associations, airlines, and local online tourist agent, the Ministry is providing easy access to book tourist packages to Indonesia. 

More to Discover

Indonesia and Thailand are known to share similarities in culture, ideology, and spirituality. One example is the traditional costume of the Gending Sriwijaya costume from South Sumatra which looks like Thailand’s traditional attire. 

“We also have Borobudur, the largest Buddhist stupa in the world, a historical and religious tourist attraction for the Thailand people. Indonesia also have many beaches and volcanoes that aren’t common in Thailand,” says Toursim Minister, Arief Yahya. 

Indonesia is geographically close to Thailand. Flight duration from Bangkok to Jakarta only takes about 3 hours and 5 minutes, while Bangkok to Bali can reach up to 4 hours and 10 minutes, while Bangkok to Medan only takes about 1 hour 55 minutes. A relatively short time for Thai tourists to reach their adventure heaven. 

Then the journey continues by land, sea, and air to the destination according to ones desire for adventure, such as: 

1. Popular destination for those seeking adventure yet tranquilizing experience is Bromo – Ijen in East Java. One can enjoy the world known beauty of Bromo and Ijen in a single journey. The unique Bromo crater in the middle of the vast sand dessert and the Blue Fire phenomena at the Acidic Lake, Ijen, will indulge your eyes and enrich your soul. This destination can be reached by plane from Bangkok – Jakarta for 3 hours and continue flying Jakarta – Banyuwangi for 45 minutes. From Banyuwangi, Bromo – Ijen can be reached by land in around 1.5 hours. 

2. Or enjoy Toba Lake in Sumatra, an island on the west side of Indonesia. This location can be reach within an hour and 55 minutes flight from Bangkok to Medan by using Air Asia, continued on land for about 3 hours to finally reach the largest volcanic lake in the world covering about 1,145 square kilometer or catch a once a day 50 minutes flight from Kualanamu Airport in Medan - Silangit Airport to reach the Lake Toba. A scientific journal by Michael Rampino and Stephen Self (1993) stated that the magma spewed by Toba Mountain about 74 thousand years ago reached 2800 cubic kilometer. The volcanic ashes from the eruption spread half way around the earth, causing the climate change and changing the earth’s landscape. 

In the middle of the lake sits an Island, almost similar size of Singapore, consist of 7 regencies named Samosir Island . 

Lake Toba’s magical nature serves a green picturesque mountain wonder, a sight for every eyes, cool fresh breeze soothing the heart, a clear water spread calming the mind, and other wonders that can be sensed upon arrival. 

3. Millennials who enjoy photography, culinary treats, shopping and feeling the creative city lifestyle and ambiance, can set Bandung as their listed destination. There are many things to experience such as the beauty of Tangkuban Perahu volcanic crater, white crater of Ciwidey, the fresh cool air at Farmhouse Lembang, Orchid Forest, tasting the ambiances of cafes such as at Cups Coffee, Kalpa Tree, and walking down the city’s memory lane of Braga Stree, Alun-alun Bandung, shop at Factory Outlet along Dago, Riau, Trunojoyo, and hunt for culinary delights at the food market on Sudirman, Cibadak. All spots are instagramable! This city can be reached by flying Bangkok – Jakarta, then continue the journey with train for 3 hours trip while enjoying the scenery alongside the tracks.  

4. Traveling further to east Indonesia, lies the habitat of the one and only wild, primitive and prehistoric animal resides in East Nusa Tenggara, precisely at Komodo National Park. Visitors can see the ancient Komodo Dragons, which is a giant lizard, reaching 2-3 meters in length and weighing about 165 kilograms. It’s not an ordinary lizard! This humongous reptile, wild and will trigger your adrenaline to rush, but is a safe adventure because you will be accompanied by a group experience ranger. This destination can be reached by flight Bangkok – Jakarta, continued by a 2 hours 15 minutes’ flight from Jakarta – Labuan Bajo. 

5. Or travel to Bunaken in North Sulawesi. Bunaken is an island, part of the Bunaken National Marine Park. It has a high diversity of - corals, fish, echinoderms or sponges. Notably, 7 of the 8 species of giant clams that occur in the world, occur in Bunaken. Those who love water, would love this spot for its various activity, such as snorkeling, surfing and diving while enjoying the scenic underwater. This destination can be reached by flight Bangkok – Jakarta, continued by a 3 hours 20 minutes’ flight from Jakarta – Manado. 

And numerous other destinations. 

In short, whatever adventure you seek for yourself or your friends and family, splurging luxury or on a budget, whenever possible, you can always find a destination that will suit your passion at the Wonderful Indonesia Festival on 11-13 October 2019 at the Lifestyle Hall, 2nd floor Siam Paragon Mall, Bangkok. Also, get a chance to win travel luggage gifts after purchasing a tourist package. 

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