Deliveree expands affordable delivery service to Chonburi
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Deliveree expands affordable delivery service to Chonburi

Deliveree, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics and delivery service platform, expands its flagship app-based delivery service to Chonburi, ready to give corporates, manufacturers, SMEs, and local businesses readily access to vast trucking fleet at an affordable price.

Deliveree’s expansion to Chonburi is in anticipation of strong economic growth of the Eastern region fueled by government’s mega project investment through Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), continued positive outlook on tourism, and solid local economy. Professional B2B delivery service of Deliveree can support businesses across all sectors including manufacturing, distribution, import-export, retail and service. 

Core advantage of Deliveree lies at its advanced technology that efficiently matches customers to available truckers within minutes, reducing costly time spent on truck sourcing, price negotiation, and vendor vetting. Through increased matching efficiency and large fleet, Deliveree is able to bring logistics cost savings of up to 40% to businesses.

In addition to significant cost reduction, Deliveree’s technology enables businesses to have an unparalleled capability to provide fast delivery service for every mile of logistics, whether it be first, mid or last-mile delivery. 

“Deliveree has established a strong foothold in Bangkok and surrounding provinces such as Samutprakarn, Pathumthani and Nonthaburi with a large network of more than ten thousands of drivers. Deliveree gives businesses flexibility in logistics management, relieving them from heavy capital investment in trucking fleet while allowing them to be readier than ever to weather business seasonality, particularly in this uncertain economic climate. So we’re confident that our logistics solution will largely benefits individuals and businesses of all sizes in Chonburi“ says Chanisa Rueangkirianya, Thailand Country Director.

Intracity and Long-Haul Delivery Service in Chonburi

Deliveree has a transparent and standardized pricing structure based on delivery distance for each trip. Price for delivery truck starts from as low as 275 baht. Alternatively, daily truck rental option is offered at a competitive fixed rate for transportation within Chonburi without limitation on distance and number of destinations. 

Business and general customers can book Deliveree’s service from anywhere in Chonburi, including Sriracha, Laem Chabang, Pattaya, Sattahip and Ban Bueng, and deliver to any destinations within and outside Chonburi. Customers can estimate price for their delivery route conveniently in Deliveree’s mobile and web app. Service is available 24/7.

Deliveree’s application comes with advanced features such as real-time delivery tracking, digital signature and proof of delivery photos, automatic route optimization, analytics dashboard and free commercial insurance. These features will help customers manage logistics and cargo delivery with ease.

Try Deliveree service in Chonburi and start saving today! Download free application on iOS and Android or access it in Web App. 

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Visit Deliveree’s website  for more information about our service in Bangkok Metro and Chonburi. 

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