Detecting cancer before it forms with early detection by RV cancer screening

Detecting cancer before it forms with early detection by RV cancer screening

RV Laboratory (RV Lab), Thailand’s leading cancer screening lab, offers easy, precise, and affordable early cancer detection for all types of tumours and solids with fast accurate results within 10 working days.

RV Lab introductory medical on ‘EDIM Technology with Marker TKTL1 and APO10 for Cancer Diagnostic’. Germany’s latest innovation PanTum Detect, EDIM Technology detects cancer before it forms was moderated by Mr. Wiwat Mahahemarut and Mr. Ralf Oberg Managing Director of R&V Intertrade Co., Ltd. with the assistance of cancer experts in Thailand at RV Lab, Rama 3 Rd., Bangkok

Mr. Wiwat Mahahemarut, Managing Director of R&V Intertrade Co., Ltd., comments, “RV Lab is part of R&V Intertrade that provides early cancer screening tests while operating its own laboratory. RV Lab offers early cancer detection through precise regular screenings in order to detect cancer before it evolves and prevents it with early treatments. For example, liver cancer is one of the most common types of cancer ranked number 1 amongst the male sex and number 4 amongst male and female cancer patients. It is dangerous and life-threatening. Approximately 14,000 cancer patients face fatality from liver cancer in Thailand. Regular early cancer screening and detection is crucial for appropriate treatments in early stage and most importantly, could help cancer victims become cancer-free. Early stage treatments are often simpler, cheaper, less stressful, and improve success rate. November is the Liver Cancer Awareness Month: therefore our goals are to educate the public on cancer awareness and the heightened importance of regular tumour and cancer screenings. At RV Lab, we believe cancer is treatable and what’s even better is your peace of mind.”

Mr. Ralf Oberg, Managing Director of R&V Intertrade, comments, “Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and is responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018 according to the WHO report in 2018. Globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer. Unfortunately, late-stage detection and diagnosis is common which results in late treatment giving little hope for a successful cure. The RV Cancer Screening Test is only a simple blood test that can identify cancer cells, regardless of their origin. Regular testing leaves one feeling good about having taken precautionary measures to identify any abnormalities in time to intervene.”

The RV Cancer Screening Test is based on EDIM Technology (Epitope detection in monocytes) that was developed in Germany.  EDIM technology is a new diagnostic procedure which utilizes mechanisms of the immune system in order to achieve a high diagnostic accuracy.  EDIM technology examines macrophages with the help of the bio markers TKTL1 and APO10 to detect antigens that have been phagocytosed by these immune cells.  

Other tests usually use one specific cancer marker that can detect only one type of tumour marker. Additionally, with the aid of cytometric blood analysis, the RV Cancer Screening Test can detect over 50 types of tumours and cancers. A positive result provides the opportunity of diagnosing a tumour early and therefore allowing successful therapy. Regular screening increases the chance that a tumour found is in an early stage. Regular check-ups are less burdensome, due to the fact that the previous screening was not long ago and thus a potential tumour has had little time to evolve into an aggressive, metastasizing entity.  Screening aims to identify individuals with abnormalities suggestive of a specific cancer or pre-cancer who have not developed any symptoms and refer them promptly for diagnosis and treatment. The test is suitable for most people, but some medical conditions apply and there are some exclusionary criteria which we will verify before making the test. 

The RV Cancer Screening Test has been implemented successfully for many years in Germany and other countries around the world. Presently there are efforts made in Germany that the EDIM test can be implemented in public health care, insurance companies, etc.

Cancer mortality can be reduced if cases are detected and treated early that will benefit the lives of many Thai people. For anyone interested in RV Cancer Screening, please visit RV Lab located on 183 Soi Chockchaijongjamlearn, Rama 3 Rd., Bang Phong Pang, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120,

THAILAND. Call +66 (0)6 272 79797, +66 (0)2 683 0755 or Facebook: RVLaboratory LINE: @rvlab.”

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