Mindshare states 2020 ad spending should show growth. Digital, OOH and TV spends healthy.
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Mindshare states 2020 ad spending should show growth. Digital, OOH and TV spends healthy.

E-commerce continue to spike as Technology and Mobile payment becomes the enabler.

• 2020 welcomes 5G and this will enable for exciting happening for the year – faster, better, and more of everything. E-commerce and mobile payments continue to accelerate.  TV advertising spends likely to increase, especially during the sporting events like Olympics. All TV player are in the same playing field as Digital TV channels has adapted and offered creative contents, as well as expanding partners to keep audience base on digital. As Thais are moving out and about, OOH media continue to grow, also with the development of new sites – transportation stations and shopping malls.

Mindshare Thailand, the leading marketing and media network reveals today the challenges and opportunities for brands on marketing communications in the year 2020, when consumers have technology responding to their more specific needs.

Pathamawan Sathaporn – Managing Director, Mindshare, said that "Yes, 2019 was a challenging year for industry, from marketers to agencies and our media partners.  We therefore have to constantly plan, re-plan, respond and adapt to the situation at a fast pace.   In 2020, we believe that the investment in the advertising industry will grow, triggering from various factors. What to watch out for this year obviously is led from technology and our consumers moving faster than we can reach them.  E-commerce and mobile payment, which is considered the norm of consumers’ behavior on shopping and payment, will be even bigger. Including the golden era of the influencer that can help brands close more sales. 2020 will be a time where we have to be ready at speed, be even more creative, and accelerate our thinking and communication strategies in order to reach the specific needs of 5G consumers. "

Mindshare also shared overall outlook of the media industry for 2020 as follows:

• Anticipating the advertising expenditure to grow 4.8%, reaching 125 Billion Baht as per level of spending of 2019

• Digital is still the media with the highest growth. While TV is still strong, driven by Digital TV. The number of viewers on the main channel and current Digital TV channels is not very different. Digital TV also collects the audience base from partnering with various applications.

• Out-of-home media has grown from the opening of more transport stations, as well as more LED screens.  OOH also include cinemas that grow, from the presence of new shopping malls in every corner of the city and other provinces.

• E-commerce and mobile payment have grown tremendously since we have technology, logistics and online financial systems that are convenient for consumers. And on the side, brands can see consumer journey so that brands can collect data and respond to consumers more specifically and quickly.

• Influencers also a big item that brands can use both to create awareness, and building brands and moving towards closing the sales. 

The key highlight for going forward in 2020 will be

• Embracing Technology 5G. The entering of the 5G era in Thailand with this technology will enable consumers to respond to digital media more easily and quickly.

• More Content Less Time. Consumers can access the content easily and quickly. On the other hand, this means that consumers have the same amount of time while the content is increasing. Brands therefore have to try to tailor content to meet the specific needs of their target audience.

• Hypertargeting -  Super Audiences Segmentation. In other words, it means that we will have consumers with more specific needs.

• Ecommerce still a hot topic as skyrocketing in Thailand, in addition to easier access to various content. Consumers can still finish the purchase easily with their fingertips. With supported shipping and online payment systems, E-commerce therefore has a much higher growth rate in Thailand.

• Mobile Payment is a New Norm of Thailand, continuing from the growth of e-commerce and technology in this era. Mobile transactions can be considered as consumers' acceptance and familiarity. It is even more important to drive and stimulate digital growth as a whole.

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