Chia Tai strengthens Asian market strategy and penetration
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Chia Tai strengthens Asian market strategy and penetration

Chia Tai strengthens Asian market strategy and penetration with Chia Tai Home Garden introduction in the Philippine market

Chia Tai Home Garden by Chia Tai, Thailand’s leading innovative agricultural company, is expanding its business in the Philippines, in an effort to become the leader in the seed sector in this region, create food security, and celebrate its centennial.

Chia Tai Home Garden, one of Chia Tai businesses, focuses on easy to use agricultural products for end-users, with its intention that everyone can grow natural corners in their home even within limited space. Chia Tai Home Garden initiates and develop various products such as quality seed, planting materials and planting kits that can meet customers’ needs, trends and lifestyles. In response to the international demand, Chia Tai Home Garden has piloted seed market expansion project in a bid to penetrate the household market to satisfy customers who love home gardening, starting from Vietnam. Recently, built on the past success, Chia Tai Home Garden has distributed the seeds contained in modern-design packets to sell in the Philippines as the first market, while aiming to achieve a leading market share in home garden business. The seed products that are being sold in the market include cucumber, tomato, watermelon, chili and so on, all of which have been well received by several distributors and customers.

Mr. Chaiwut Sompan, Assistant Vice President Sales, Seed Business of Chia Tai Company Limited elaborates on the objective of international market expansion: “For the preparation for the centennial commemoration of Chia Tai Company Limited, Chia Tai seed business has established a key target to be the number one leader in seed business both in Thailand and across Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, as well as South Asia which is India. In this regard, Chia Tai’s flagship products are pumpkin, watermelon, melon, chili, corn, cucumber and tomato. All these products stand out with remarkable features and high market demand, while also producing high yield. As such, these products ensure stable business for farmers and establish confidence among consumers. On top of that, to further build Chia Tai as a highly trusted brand, we have recrafted the image of the packaging to reflect a more modern look and trustworthiness. Chia Tai Home Garden seed products packed in this newly designed packaging have been introduced commercially in the Philippines as the first market. Simultaneously, we continue to enhance our seed development performance by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our products are safe for consumers and the environment. For example, we utilise Molecular Technology to ensure maximum precision of seed species selection so that the plants are resistant to diseases and challenging environmental conditions. By doing this, Chia Tai can deliver quality seeds that will grow successfully. All in all, our international market expansion reflects Chia Tai’s determination to provide food security in order to make sure that we significantly contribute to the wellbeing enhancement of people across the region on a sustainable basis.”

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