Department of Employment responds to policy and announces newly-appointed government officials

Department of Employment responds to policy and announces newly-appointed government officials

Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labour, revealed the Cabinet resolution urging all government departments and offices to proceed with the recruitment process for full-time government officials from new graduates, unemployed, and persons discharged from employment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to help resolve unemployment in Thailand. The Department of Employment announced 40 vacant positions at central and regional offices across the country.

“The government under Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, addresses the issue of unemployment among the labour force and realises the unresolved issue is resulting in reduced domestic spending and inducing subsequent problems in other sectors. Nevertheless, the government is implementing measures to cultivate domestic employment and promote new jobs as it is vital to be employed and earn income during this difficult time,” said Suchart.   

Suchart Pornchaiwiseskul, Director General, Department of Employment, further added that Department of Employment have already employed and appointed 40 positions of labour specialists, in compliance to Office of Civil Service Commission regulations. The labour specialists position is entitle for the salary ranged between 15,000-16,500 baht and responsible for operation in central and regional offices to provide services to the public  including domestic employment service, labour recruitment for overseas employment, job seekers protection, foreign workforce control, and career advice and supports provision. All recent appointed employees are effective from 25 September 2020 onward.

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