SICT Brings the World-Class RFID and NFC Technology
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SICT Brings the World-Class RFID and NFC Technology

in its Most Recent Developed Wristband to Track Covid-19 Patients and those in Self-Quarantine

Bangkok, September 14, 2020 – Silicon Craft Technology PLC (SICT) brings its prototype wristband to Department of Disease Control, which helps track Covid-19 patients and those in self-quarantine. The company’s world-class microchip technology and NFC (Near Field Communication) is expected to benefit the public sector and medical staffs in data management and outbreak control. 

Dr. Bodin Kasemset, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Silicon Craft Technology PLC (SICT), announced that the company has developed the 300 prototype products of Patient Wristband to track coronavirus or those in self-quarantine as SICT wishes to help save time and cost for medical staff, government officials as well as the patient’s family while in self-quarantine. 

In addition, SICT also collaborates with National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and Department of Disease Control in pioneering the system that links the wristband with smartphone application. The initiative should control the spread of Covid-19 and prevent the emerging of new patient as well as local transmission. 

“SICT feels honored as we receive an opportunity to pioneer the use of patient wristband together with Department of Disease Control and test the DDC Care application. This is an important pilot project to build public confidence in controlling the virus spread and taking care of people’s healthcare at its best,” Dr. Bodin added.

NFC is the more recent solution that the company developed after its renown radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip business to connect with the growing trends of Smart Healthcare. With the new technology, patient information will be stored and managed more efficiently. Moreover, both the doctor and patient will get to easily access the safe health care system like the one we provide in the wristband. NFC technology enables the patient’s health status and keep an update on the treatment procedure from the registration process to completion. The system will connect through hospital and Disease Control database to store and analyze treatment procedure and improve and facilitate public health service for all parties involved including medical and Covid-19 related staffs. 

Dr. Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai, Director-General of the Department of Disease Control, said “the department will pioneer the wristband with Disease control personnel and we will later evaluate the result with SICT and NSTDA so we can make it more advanced and further deliver the wristbands to other agencies including the international communicable disease control office and the 12 Offices of Disease Prevention and Control. 

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