Two business partners launch QB Medical

Two business partners launch QB Medical

with 8 Billion baht investment and factory in Chonburi to produce quality, innovative gloves of international standard

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has promptly caused the shortage of medical gloves around the world. Seeing the increasing demand, two business partners, i.e. Mr.Tanatdaj Sillapavitsawakul, a graduate from Thammasat University’s Faculty of Engineering with more than 10 years of experience in energy and petrochemical business, and Mr.Rujipart Tanapattarachaitat, the eldest of the third generation management of Tae Long Hua Group a conglomerate with businesses in Southeast Asia and real estate investment in Europe, came together to launch QB Medical, to supply various types of gloves for diverse use to the market.

Mr.Rujipart is a graduate from Hospitality Management Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he was asked by many overseas buyers to help procure medical gloves, as the demand has soared while the supply could not keep up. Seeing the potential in the market, he has decided to start this venture. 

Fusing unique strengths and exceptional know-how, the two individuals join forces in this mega project worth of 8,000 million baht to construct a production plant to produce nitrile and latex gloves under the brand BQLOVE. The first phase of the venture has been made successful thanks to the initial investment funded by Tae Long Hua Group.

Mr.Tanatdaj Sillapavitsawakul, Managing Director of QB Medical, says that the gravity of COVID-19 pandemic since the end of 2019 causes severe and sudden shortage of medical gloves, both for medical and personal use. The shortage then leads to overpricing and flooding of replacements that include sub-par quality gloves, used products and counterfeit gloves in the Thai and international markets, causing Thailand’s repution to spoil.

The surging demand of medical gloves and the urge to salvage Thailand’s reputation led to the launch of QB Medical and its manufacturing plant worth of 8,000 million baht on 117,600sqm (73.5 rai) of land in Thai Eastern Industrial Park in Chonburi, recipient of one of the world’s five environmental awards. Using LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) instead of fuel that creates pollution and innovative wastewater treatment system, QB Medical is making sure that the brand’s nitrile gloves are manufactured with environmentally friendly methods and at high standard. 

The production plant comprises six buildings and 32 production lines. With the fully automated system overseen by foreign engineering team, the plant will be able to produce up to 1,000 million gloves (10 million boxes) per month, including surgical gloves, industrial gloves, examination gloves, disposable gloves and many more. 

The construction of the production plant is slated to commence in October 2020, and by May 202, the factory is expected to be able to supply products to domestic and international markets. The products are to be distributed within Thailand and overseas by two officially appointed distributors, namely Passarut Trading and Rasipat Trading. 

Mr.Rujipart Tanapattarachaitat, Managing Director of QB Medical, says that the firm is committed to become one of the world’s leading glove manufacture under the slogan “Quality Products, Modern Factory”. The fact that QB Medical’s production base is located within a leading industrial park with one the world’s five environmental awards should pave way for Thai-made medical gloves in the global market. The managing director also adds that QB Medical will become a listed company within the near future. 

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