Green Monday launch ‘Happy Bao by OmniMeat’ in Thailand to Plant Forward for Better Health
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Green Monday launch ‘Happy Bao by OmniMeat’ in Thailand to Plant Forward for Better Health

Plant-based meal Happy Bao by OmniMeat offers a convenient way for Thai people to have Jae in this Jae Festival

(Bangkok, 7 October 2020) Green Monday, a social venture promoting sustainability and a plant-based lifestyle, today is launching “Happy Bao by OmniMeat” to offer Thai people a healthy and delicious meal alternative as part of the “Green Monday Plant Forward for Better Health” campaign and just in time for the Jae festival. 

Due to the fact that the food system is a major driver of climate change and pollution of ecosystems. The use of antibiotics in farm animals as growth promoters and to prevent and treat animal diseases has become common place, causing the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can transmitted to humans through animal food consumption and is now major public health problem. Plant-based meats are innovating solutions that provide the satisfaction in mouth-feel and taste that meat provides, with far less negative effects. With aim to tackle climate change, global food insecurity and public health issues, the once-a-week plant-based meal philosophy of Green Monday is now popular and practiced by over 1.75 million people at its origin in Hong Kong, and has spread to over 30 countries. 

During the launch of Green Monday in Thailand last year, Woody Milintachinda, a prominent and popular figure in the Thai entertainment industry and Friend of Green Monday Thailand, suggested to David Yeung, Founder of Green Monday, the idea of a plant-based bao, as dim sum is such a popular snack and meal choice with people in Thailand. After many months of hard work and recipe development, Happy Bao by OmniMeat was created.

Woody Milintachinda said “Leading a healthy lifestyle is important to me and that means being aware of the foods I eat. Green Monday is making more people consider the importance of a plant-based diet and the benefits not only for themselves but also for the world we live in. Innovative food products such as these promote more sustainable agriculture practices which lead to a healthier planet and of course a healthier population.”

Happy Bao by OmniMeat is Woody’s Choice

Happy Bao is a plant-based barbeque flavoured steamed bao filled with OmniMeat. OmniMeat is a plant-based recipe made from pea, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms, and rice, contains fiber and no added antibiotics. When compared to a standard barbeque pork bun, Happy Bao is higher in protein, lower in calories, saturated fat and sugar, and contains no cholesterol.

“It’s very good that OmniMeat have created the Happy Bao, it has turned a simple, fast snack into something that is absolutely good for consumer’s health. It is the perfect food for everyone to enjoy during the upcoming Jae festival. Eating healthy also lifts your mood, so you could say that Happy Bao makes for a happy you and a happy planet.” concluded Khun “Woody”.

Happy Bao by OmniMeat is also available at Tops Supermarkets

Happy Bao by OmniMeat is available at all Tops Supermarkets across Thailand and only costs 33THB per piece. 

Plant Forward for Better Health Restaurant & Retail Partners

Green Monday has aligned with a number of restaurants in Thailand in the Plant Forward Restaurant Partner programme: Sizzler, Oishi, Kakashi (Oishi Brand), Bangkok City Diner and Vistro, all of which will be offering OmniMeat and Beyond Meat dishes during the upcoming Jae Festival.

Sizzler - 

New Jae Menu: OmniMeat Steak and Spaghetti with Truffle Sauce, Beyond Burger Steak with BBQ Sauce

Existing Menu: OmniMeat Curry Steak & Krapao Spaghetti, Beyond Caramelized Onion Burger

Oishi - 

OmniMeat Stir-Fried Ramen with Basil Sauce and OmniMeat Mapo Tofu Ramen 

Kakashi (Oishi Brand) -

OmniMeat Krapao Rice Bowl, OmniMeat Mapo Tofu Rice Bowl, and OmniMeat Mixed Mushroom Rice bowl   

Bangkok City Diner -

OmniMeat Tan Tan Ramen

Vistro -

Weekend brunch menu including Vistro Eggs Benedict

Tops Supermarket are offering 2 packs of OmniMeat for 229 Baht and 10% off the Beyond Burger! Customers will also have the opportunity to taste test the these products themselves at Central World, Central Chidlom and Central Eastville during the Jae festival period, between the 16th and 25th of October; so be sure to come and try these plant-based products for yourself!

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