TMB presents Business ONE: multitasking on a single platform for SME and corporate customers

TMB presents Business ONE: multitasking on a single platform for SME and corporate customers

By now, Thai people have become well versed in the ‘new normal’ lifestyle and skilled digital nomads as a result of the pandemic crisis. The official new Covid-19 wave in Thailand confirms that some traditional ways of doing things, including face-to-face services, such as financial transactions, have reached the point of no return.

In moving forward and for the better, many commercial banks in Thailand are on alert to improve their digital platforms to handle services, in addition to common transactions, as today’s solutions require more vital factors to support modern lifestyles and business practices.  

Navigating the economic upheaval, many companies’ strategic plans now include digital transformation – an unavoidable decision company may have to take in order to survive long-term. Cost reduction is not only a solution for smaller organisations, even small changes within a large enterprise’s operations can yield great results.

“Business ONE”, the Digital Business Management Platform presented by TMB is the revamped version of Internet Banking for enhanced convenience and response to current market needs. Business ONE is a platform that connects customers to all business needs. 

“TMB has launched Business ONE for existing SME and corporate customers,” explains Senathip Sripaipan, Chief Commercial Banking Officer, TMB Bank Public Company Limited. “Over 100,000 accounts transferred, from internet banking and Business CLICK accounts, to the Business ONE platform will be completed by the end of 2021.” 

Compatible on all smart devices through one account, the Business ONE platform is a revolution in service to businesses, from SME to public companies. This solution enables customers at all levels beyond financial service including, domestic and international financial transactions involving customers, suppliers and business partners. Other features include an advanced credit loan request system, self-authorisation for adding or removing members on the platform, insightful data for incoming cash flow, smart search for the entire platform, as well as supply and stock management and more.

Notable features for large organisations include Open API or Open Banking, an attribute that links Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resources (HR), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in one place. Business ONE saves time and reduces mistakes, enabling simple payments, tax reports, and real-time balance sheets, without switching from one programme to another, to complete all office tasks.   

 “As Business ONE grants permission for more than one person to access the account, Two Factor Authentication is embedded in the system to provide double security when proving identity, in addition to login passwords. Document transfer is also protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) enabling privacy preserved for sender and receiver only.” 

For more feature details and information on Business ONE, please contact 02-643-7000 or visit

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