MOI assigns PWA to reserve additional water supply to encounter aggressive drought crisis

MOI assigns PWA to reserve additional water supply to encounter aggressive drought crisis

Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) is responding to Ministry of Interior (MOI) in battling drought crisis by implementing plan in closely evaluate the water level situation, provide substitute fresh water resource, and keep monitor risk areas across the country. PWA reaffirms water supply is sufficient to serve the public during dry season as well as requests the cooperation from the public to use water wisely to encounter the crisis.

Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr. Songsak Thongsri revealed “The forecast by Thai Meteorological Department states that in 2021 Thailand is approaching summer season from the end of February. Therefore, rising temperature results in a very dry and hot climate and lead to drought crisis as well as water resource dry-out in many areas which will cause impacts in water supply distribution for the public.”

In approaching the situation and provide efficient solutions, PWA, as the state-enterprise under Ministry of Interior is responsible for the provision of water for the public, in 74 provinces – except Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakarn, is assigned to closely investigate the climate changes and water level in each area to conduct analysis and evaluation to ensure the water sources are plenty for public demand, examine potential drought areas to implement water management plan and seek for the substitute fresh water resources to supply the pulic during the drought season, as well as collaborate with Disaster Provention and Mitigation provincial offices and other relevant networks in preparation for any immediate crisis and relief provision for the public inside and outside the service areas. 

Kritsada Sankhamani, Deputy Governor (Technical Affairs) and Acting Governor of the PWA further stated that “According to 234 PWA branches across the country, there are 47 branches in 33 provinces  are at risk of drought crisis, including Fang in Chiang Mai Province; Tha Tako in Nakhon Sawan Province; Muang in Phuket; Muang in Krabi Province; Pattaya in Chon Buri Province; Bang Pakong in Chachoengsao Province; Thanyaburi in Pathum Thani Province; Muak Lek in Saraburi Province; Phu Khiao in Chaiyaphum Province; Satuek in Buri Ram Province; and Sawang Daen Din in Sakon Nakhon Province, etc. 

PWA commits to keep close monitor of the situation and prepares the measure in case fresh water scarce. The public are rest aussred water supply will be sufficient throughout this drought season. However, using water with caution and being aware of its value is recommended. The public are advised to take a shower instead of bath, turn off the water while brushing teeth, clean vegetables, fruits and plate without running water, watering plant with watering can, and examine pipe and faucet leaks to mitigate risk of wasting water. For more information or report the water supply problems, please call PWA Contact Center 1662.

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